Field Trip to the City Waste and Water Treatment Facility. (I.Snyder)

Synopsis: As a guiding activity to get kids thinking about the effects citizens have on their communities, we will visit our local City Waste and Water Treatment Facility. Through a guided tour of the facility, and a presentation from a facility spokesperson, the students will start to see how each of us leaves a fingerprint on our community.

Photo by Iko / Photo by United Nations

  • Students will see where the things they throw away end up.
  • Students will learn about ways that they can cut down on waste.
  • Students will make decisions in their daily lives that will help improve our community and world.

On Site Learning:

While at the facility, the students will break into small groups that have been previously assigned. They will each tackle one form of waste they commonly see at the facility. They will brainstorm two ideas that they could put into place at home that would help cut down on this form of waste.

Extended Learning:

Later in this project, the students will have a chance to revisit their brainstorming ideas, and decide on one that they would like to see through in their community.